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Choose the best Paint Scrapers for you

"Martin" (2020-04-25)

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A good paint scraper is made to take lots of abuse. It’s amazing how many people think that a paint scraper is a hammer when they see a loose nail. Not only that, but the constant pressure of scraping is hard on the tool. While it may not look like it, paint is abrasive and will dull a scraper blade. For this reason, the best paint scrapers usually come with carbide blades. That’s even better than having good quality steel or easily replaceable blades, although those are both good options.

I especially like tools like this when they have ergonomic handles. When you've got a tool in your hands for hours, you want something that is going to be comfortable and not cause any blisters. A nicely contoured handle makes a lot of difference. Even better is a nicely contoured, padded handle.

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